Four Months of Naf Nails

Nail Art by Naf Nails Nail Art by Naf Nails

I know it’s a little bit naf but I love nail art so when I read about a local salon called Naf Nails, I just had to go online to book myself in. That was just before Christmas 2016 but Naf Nails are so well loved in Glasgow that I couldn’t get an appointment until February 2017. After 3 months of impatiently waiting, the day of my appointment rolled around and I soon realised these guys were worth the wait. The salon looks so cute, the soundtrack keeps things popping and the Nail Techs are all so friendly that I look forward to every appointment. Best of all though, my nails have looked simply amazing every single day since that first visit.  So I thought I would share with you some my favourite Naf Nails from the last 4 months.

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Valentine’s Day

My first visit to Naf Nails came just before Valentine’s Day so the very talented Anna wrote the word LOVE across two of my nails and hand painted little hearts and heart shaped balloons. Cute huh?

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Springtime Nails

We had some lovely spring sunshine in Glasgow before my next visit to Naf Nails which inspired me to ask for these pretty flowery nails with a little glitter to break it up.

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Winky Nails

By the time of my next visit though, I felt a little glittered out so Anna painted my nails grey and added these SUPER CUTE little winking decals (yes I said winking, behave at the back!)

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Summer Fluoro Nails

I did a bit of Insta-stalking before my next visit to Naf Nails and found inspiration from which Anna created these beautiful bright summer nails using fluoro powders, sequins and negative space. I think these are my favourites yet.

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Rose Gold Metallics

I had quite an important interview shortly after my next visit to Naf Nails so settled for nude nails with a rose gold forefinger and a glitter ring finger. Still waiting to hear if I was successful, fingers crossed.

Nail Art by Naf Nails

Holiday Nails

For the nails I am currently wearing, Anna used fluoro powders, topped with metallic foil and negative space to create something really special.

So I have told you which of these designs is my favourites, which is yours?

If you’re in the West of Scotland and fancy a set of nails as cute as these, you can book yours here.