A Little Self Reflection and My Goals for January 2017


I know I am a little later than most with this post but after all the cocktails and desserts of recent weeks, I really felt I needed to spend some time thinking about the rest of 2016, the highs and lows, successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses. It hasn’t been the most pleasant of tasks. I have to be truthful, there are lots of aspects of my life, my relationships, even my character than I am not completely happy with, that I feel I need to work on this coming year.

I bought myself a present just after Christmas, a book called the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and it was absolutely fascinating. It explains in the authors own words, ‘Why We Do What We Do and How to Change’. Using the techniques identified in the book I have identified some new habits I want to develop and set myself some smart goals that I think may make me happier with myself and my life this time next year. To keep things simple I have split these into five categories – Health, Relationships, Personal Development, Home and Finances – and rather than make my usual super ambitious New Year Resolutions, I am focussing on small monthly challenges which hopefully will keep me accountable and therefore be more achievable.

Health Goals

Having started 2016 really well on the health and fitness front, I then put on a fair amount of weight in the last 6 months. To be frank, every pound has been a pleasure as they have all been gained through sharing food and drinks with friends and family. But it’s all got a little bit out of hand and this is the first thing I want to address. I tend to be very much an all or nothing kind of girl which is the root of a lot of my problems. I eat like a health goddess for a month, going to the gym every day then cave, skip the gym, think feck it I’ve ruined everything so drink two bottles of wine and inhale a pizza on the way home. I am going to try to take things a little slower this time, allow for some slip ups, keep it real. My health goal for January is to lose just 4 lbs and I will achieve that by packing my lunch every day, cutting out sweets and chocolate and restricting alcohol to weekends and nights out. Also as a gentle reintroduction to exercise, I am going to compete the Yoga Revolution by Adriene Mishler from Yoga with Adriene. The challenge is to complete 31 different practices recorded  by Adriene over 31 days. I think it was supposed to be completed in January but as I started late I will finish late. But it doesn’t matter right? I don’t have to be perfect!

Relationship Goals

This has been a difficult year for me personally, and although I keep a brave face on in public, behind closed doors I can be over sensitive, introspective and melancholy. There’s no doubt I can be difficult to be around but I am lucky and my family are very supportive. I think I do take them for granted though and this year I want to address that a little. Firstly my long suffering husband. My goal for January is to spend at least an hour a day with him without having my phone or laptop nearby. And my Mum. I have been neglecting my Mum a little recently so will aim to text or call her every day and spend time with her every week. As for the rest of my friends and family,  I will speak to at least one of them every day and meet up at least once a month. Sounds a lot, but friends and family are everything, it’s time I put a bit of effort in.

Personal Development Goals

I think this is the area of my life that needs most work but it is the hardest to set small goals for. Sometimes I feel I need a complete personality overhaul! But everyone has to start somewhere right? I think I would feel better about myself if I got a little more organised so that’s my goal for this month. I have got myself a bullet journal and am going to spend time this month setting up a system that works for me in all areas of my life. Watch this space.

Home Goals

Everyone who has a home, family and full time job knows how hard it is to keep on top of all three – sometimes something gets neglected and for me, that will always be my home and garden. This month I am going to set up a little system dividing up the daily and weekly chores so they don’t all get left to the weekend. Weekends are for fun, agreed?

Financial Goals

Money was another area of my life that got a little out of control last year so 2017 has to be the year I start getting a bit more savvy about my finances. I am going to start the process this month with a spending detox. I am not going to commit to spending no money at all this month, let’s not go cold turkey! I will buy food, petrol and a bottle of wine at the weekends, I will get even my hair and nails done, what I will cut out though are all the little treats; the makeup, clothes, books, stationary, fresh flowers – eurgh, it’s making me sad just thinking about it but hopefully by cutting this type of spending out for a month, I can start to turn my finances around.


So to summarise, here are my goals for January;

  1. Lose 4lbs
  2. Complete 31 days of yoga
  3. 60 mins offline time with my husband
  4. Text/call Mum daily and visit weekly
  5. Speak to one of my friends daily and meet up monthly
  6. Set up Bullet Journal
  7. Housework schedule
  8. No treats


I intend to do a post like this every month – to review my progress and set new goals. Hopefully by making myself accountable I will increase my chances of success. I would be really interested in what you think about all of this though. Have you made NY resolutions or like me, do you find monthly goals more achievable? If you have any comments, as always you can either leave them below, or message me on twitter, instagram or on my facebook page or just send me an email, I will always reply.


Happy New Year to you all xxx