7 Days #4

A lazy Sunday afternoon means only one thing for me – a pamper day! But before we talk about that, let me share with you some of the other beauty and style highlights of my week.

 Decleor Aromessence Rejuvenating Serum

This week in Scotland temperatures have dropped below zero degrees.  To protect my skin from the big freeze outside, I have been adding a few drops of the Decleor Aromessence Rejuvenating Serum to my skincare routine. I have combination skin so choose Iris for maximum comfort without greasiness, but there is one for all skin types.

Technic Makeup Products

On Tuesday I was thrilled to be gifted a selection of goodies from Technic. I have read a lot about this brand but have never tried it before. Don’t these products look beautiful?. I received a creamy, neutral lipstick, a palette of shimmering metallic eyeshadows, a brow palette, a cream corrector palette and a popping highlighter – the perfect products to create a Christmas party look. Watch this space for an in-depth review in the next week or two.

Express Makeup Remover by Ren

I am a huge fan of double cleansing at night. I think it’s important to make sure that absolutely no make up is left on my skin before moving onto my lotions and potions. I try to use the gentlest of cleansers though. It seems daft to use a harsh drying one before adding oils and serums. Recently I have myself starting my cleansing routine with this Express Makeup Remover by Ren. I love the texture of this. It is so light and fluffy. It’s easy to use too, just apply a couple of pumps, massage it in then tissue off. Somehow it removes every trace of makeup, even mascara, without leaving my complexion feeling tight or dry. Have you tried this one? I would love to hear what you think.

Benefit's Precisely Brow Pencil

I think everyone knows the importance of a strong brow and to be honest my favourite brow product is a gel which I apply with a brush. I don’t always have 10 minutes to spend perfecting my brow game though so when time is of the essence, I’ve found myself reaching for this product. The Precisely Brow Pencil by Benefit is super convenient. At one end it has a spoolie to brush out any product caught in the brow. At the other end is a super fine pencil that makes it ridiculously easy to draw on natural brows that last all day.

The Ambient Lighting Edit Palette by Hourglass


I have been going out for Christmas drinks straight from work most Friday nights recently and this palette has been a godsend. The Ambient Lighting Edit Palette by Hourglass takes up so little space in my work bag but contains everything I need to amp up my make up for a night on the town. Just add some black eyeliner and Ruby Woo and I feel party perfect!

Eden's Semilla Vitamin E Oil

On Saturday morning I was delighted to receive this little bottle of goodness from Eden’s Semilla. This Vitamin E oil is 100% naturally sourced and feels just wonderful on my face. Best of all it instantly absorbs so doesn’t spoil my makeup.Vitamin E has been a hotly discussed topic in skin care for ages now, but recent scientific research is proving its ability to assist the skin in various ways and showing that it is really efficient in helping prevent the signs of premature ageing. Sounds good right? I will be trying this one out over the coming months and will let you know how I get on.

Olaplex Hair System

So today is Sunday, the day I traditionally spend a few hours spoiling myself. Today’s treat was an Olaplex treatment for my hair. Olaplex claims to permanently rebuild the bonds in your hair that are broken during chemical processing. If you use bleach on your hair, Olaplex claims it will rebuild it’s strength, structure and integrity. I have used the system twice now and if I am honest, it hasn’t worked miracles for me – my hair is still showing the effects of repeated bleaching. But I am no quitter, I paid a fortune for these products so I am going to use them until they are done. Look out for a detailed review in the next few months.

Have a beautiful week x