7 Days #2

This week has been a funny old week for me – full of ups and downs. Work wise, I did not enjoy this week at all, beauty wise, it was a week of old favourites and style wise, something super special happened. I documented all of it for you of course over on Instagram. But hey it’s Sunday, so lets look back on my week.

Re-Nutruv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Cream by Estee Lauder


Monday’s product of the day was the Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Cream from Estee Lauder’s Re-Nutriv range. I have to say that if you are under the age of 30 then I don’t think you need this – unless of course you have super dry skin under your eyes. If like me though, you are the wrong side of 40, then treat yourself to this little pot of magic. I use this every morning before applying make up and it really seems to sort out the crepey ¬†appearance that I used to get when I applied concealer to my under eyes.


Liquid Gold by Alpha H


I am sure you have all tried Tuesday’s treat, if not, then you absolutely should. Whatever your age or skin type, Liquid Gold by Alpha H will improve your skin texture like nothing else. Whether you suffer with blemishes or whether fine lines and wrinkles are starting to appear, the glycolic acid in this product will make a visible difference. I genuinely would not be without a bottle of this stuff now and nor should you. Get it on your Christmas list pronto!


Fine Feather Lash Serum


On Wednesday I highlighted a lash serum I was sent by Fine Feather cosmetics. It sounded great, promising up to 45% new lashes, 9 times more volume on the lashes you already have and increased natural lash growth by 500%. I would love to tell you this product has worked brilliantly for me but it really hasn’t – mainly because I haven’t been using it. Why? Because the very first time I applied it, my eyes started burning and stinging like crazy. I am pretty cautious about the products I use round my eyes so I immediately washed it off and haven’t been brave enough to try it since. I might give it a try on some of the bald spots on my eyebrows though. If it delivers, I’ll let you know.


Chanel 2.55 Double Flap Bag


All my adult life, I have lusted after a Chanel 2.55 Double Flap bag but frankly I have never been able to afford one. Don’t feel too sorry for me, I have had lots of fabulous bags from designers like Louis Vuitton and Mulberry but none have sated my desire for the Chanel. Finally a few weeks ago I decided to make my dreams come true. I sold two of my Mulberry bags, a couple of agendas, a camera and some other bits and bobs and raised a decent wad of cash. I then went onto the Vestiaire Collective, a luxury resale website which checks all items listed and guarantees their authenticity. Amongst thousands of listings, I found my dream bag, negotiated a purchase price which I could afford and within 7 days, the bag was mine.


Rose Jam Shower Gel by Lush


Winter has well and truly arrived in Scotland now. With the hard frosts and dark mornings, I find it very hard to get out of bed, often pressing snooze so often, I have no time for more than the most perfunctory of showers. When I do manage to drag myself from bed though, I have been using the Rose Jam shower gel from Lush. And what can I say? It smells amazing and makes tons of soft bubbles.  LUSH!!


Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare


When Saturday finally arrives, I love to spend a little time treating my skin, and this Skinesis set from Sarah Chapman is perfect. I apply the Radiance Cleanser and before wiping it off, I lie back with a hot flannel on my face and relax for 5 mins. It really is blissful!. I then use the flannel to remove the cleanser then massage the Rejuvenating Complex all over my neck and chest. Next I tap on the Eye Recovery, continuing to tap until it is absorbed. Finally I apply a generous amount of the Overnight Facial oil all over my face, neck and chest and leave it on for the rest of the day. After a hard week, I really do feel like my skin needs to be pampered and these products really do deliver.

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