Eating My Way Round the World – Cosmo, Silverburn, Glasgow

Cosmo at Silverburn

Last Saturday we were invited along to Silverburn Shopping Centre on the Southside of Glasgow to FOODFEST, a celebration of all that is good to eat. Foodfest is running from 4 July to 15 August and there are fantastic discounts available and a whole lot of prizes to be won.

As soon as we walked into the centre it was clear something very special was happening with show cooking, uniformed chefs and lots of delicious samples to try. We had a lunch booking so tried to avoid indulging TOO much but the delicious aromas certainly got our digestive juices flowing.

Our booking was for Cosmo, a World Food restaurant serving dishes from a variety of different cultures. Neither of us had ever been before but we had heard great things so were excited to try it for ourselves.

When we went in we were amazed by the size of the restaurant. The seating was booth style and the lighting was intimate which keep the focus firmly on the brightly lit food stations.

The service was amazing throughout our visit. The staff were so helpful and so knowledgeable about the food and they all seemed really enthusiastic about the restaurant which was a pleasure to witness.

The concept of the restaurant is simple.  You pay a fixed fee then help yourself to an unlimited selection of starters, main courses and desserts. You also get an unlimited supply of soft drinks, and if you prefer a glass of wine, a cocktail  or a beer, then there is a great selection available at reasonable prices.

Cosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnI am going to be honest here. My only experience of buffet style food was on AI holidays and frankly I wasn’t a fan. I often find the food is bland, over cooked and lukewarm at best.

But not at Cosmo!

Here the dishes are carefully prepared in small batches to ensure they are always fresh and piping hot. There are dishes from China, Japan, India, Spain, Italy, France and Britain. Our only problem was deciding what to choose.

But with a little help from the lovely waiting staff and some recommendations from the chef, here is what we selected.

Cosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at SilverburnCosmo at Silverburn

I can honestly say that every dish we tasted was an absolute delight. The flavours were so fresh and authentic and I tried so many things I never had before – like Thai Mussels, and Tofu – both of which I have been wanting to try but never risked ordering as a main dish. Both were so delicious though that I certainly will be ordering them in future.

I also have to give a special shout out to the desserts. From fresh fruit to the spectacular chocolate fondue, there really was something for absolutely everyone! After much consideration, we settled on a selection of cakes and they were AMAZING!!!! The  Salted Caramel cheesecake was different level!!

I couldn’t believe the value that Cosmo offered. Can you believe lunch costs from just £7.99 and dinner from £13.99. Crazy prices right?

But if you’re looking for even better value, then why not download the Silverburn Plus app? Available for IOS or Android, it really is like having your own personal shopper. Just create a quick profile and it will score you invites to exclusive events and help with bookings for the cinema and restaurants. Best of all though, it will keep you up to date with all the latest offers, saving you money that YOU can spend on more shopping!!!