Bedhead Fully Loaded by Tigi – Because Size DOES Matter!

Bedhead Fully Loaded by Tigi Bedhead Fully Loaded by Tigi


I really am an 80s girl at heart. I grew up idolising artists like Debbie Harry with her edgy, rock chick look and never really got on with the super sleek flat ironed look of the nineties or even the TOWIE style big bouncy blow dries  of the noughties. So I was thrilled when I learned that TIGIs International Creative Team were predicting that the next big thing in hair styling would be keeping with the big hair look but in a rougher, more textured, messy way. Hurray!!!

In order to help us achieve this look Bedhead by Tigi have created a new range of products; a shampoo and conditioner called Fully Loaded, a volume boosting foam (mousse?) called Big Head, and a Volume Finishing Spray or hairspray called Full Of It! Wouldn’t you love the job of naming beauty products ? These are just GENIUS!!!

Tigi sent me a couple of sachets of the Fully Loaded shampoo and conditioner  which because I do have pretty thick hair really was only enough for one wash so I wasn’t sure whether I would see any real difference. I was curious about the range though so when I was getting ready to go out on Friday night, I took these into the shower with me.

The first thing I noticed about the Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo was the smell of it, it really was totally delicious. I couldn’t place quite what the fragrance was but it was fresh, and fruity and really enhanced my mood. Apart from that there is very little to say about the shampoo, it lathered well and washed out easily as you would expect from a professional salon brand like Tigi..

I have to admit I was less impressed by the Fully Loaded Volumizing Conditioning Jelly. It had the same summery scent but the texture was light, more like a gel that the thick cream I usually use on my bleached blonde hair. As I massaged it in, I didn’t really feel it was doing anything for my hair and I was really tempted to reach for my usual deep conditioner (Aussie 3 Minute Miracle if you’re interested), but gave myself a pep talk along the lines of Man Up Jules and How Can You Review It If You Never Really Try it and quickly started to rinse it out. It was then that the magic started to happen. Somehow as I washed the product out, the feel of my hair changed from feeling like a brillo pad to something much softer, more manageable – more like hair !!!

And the magic continued. I usually apply all sorts of products to my hair before drying it but in the interests of this review I didn’t use anything other than the hairdryer, some clips and a big round brush. The difference was noticeable. My hair dried quickly and once it was done, I really truly looked like I had just stepped out of the hairdressers. It looked like I had loaded it with texturising spray then backcombed the bejesus out of it but it felt super soft and silky. I was really chuffed and went out  swishing my hair about like those girls in the old Timotei adverts.With the absence of any products in my hair and given the amount of swishing i was doing, my style didn’t stay put all night, but anytime it looked a little blah, I just massaged the roots a little which seemed to give it a new lease of life.

I think this is the first time I have ever found a shampoo and conditioner which really changed the way my hair behaved but this Bedhead Fully Loaded range by Tigi really did just that.

Will I be buying the full sizes? Absolutely! In fact I plan on picking up the whole range on my next trip into town.